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Why choose Press Trading/denmark to sell your printing machine?

When you have decided to sell printing equipment, you do not have to take the first offer you get. Find the right way and person to sell your machines for you…

Press Trading has 20-year experience and is market leader in Scandinavia for the graphic industry for buying and selling used graphic equipment. We have a 2000m2 warehouse together with our office in Kolding.

If you were selling a house, you would go to the Real Estate agent, you can do the same when selling a printing machine by contacting Press Trading.

Among other things, we are known for being versatile, competitive, dynamic, and innovative – and constantly having a finger on the pulse on the current market.

We buy

+45 75 56 59 40

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Purchase process:

Send as much data about the machine as possible

(year, serial nr, specification, equipment, condition, impression, etc). Good pictures and a good video of a running machine in daily production. The buyers are much more serious about buying the product which has a good visual.

Evaluation process

This is where we look at the data you have sent us and offer you the most competitive market price.

Commission agreement

We make the commission agreement free of trouble for you. We take care of marketing, pictures, video etc.

Inspection and testing

Some customers would like to inspect and test the machine. We take care of that. We take care of the customer. We must have the machine available, which we arrange in communication with you.

Full payment before dismantling

You get your money before we start dismantling.

Dismantling, packing, loading and transport

We take care of dismantling, packing, and loading.

All YOU must do
trust us to do what we are good at, our job


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