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About Us

Last year we sold over 200 machines from Scandinavia

... that’s more than any other Scandinavian dealer!

22 years in the graphic industry has given Leif Hansen a huge international network. After graduating from Technology Management and Marine Engineering, Leif was in 1994 employed as a multi-technician at Heidelberg, where he installed and serviced printing machines.

In 2000, he chose to start his own service company – Press Service – which he built up over six years and it consisted of 12 employees.

In 2006, Leif sold the company to KBA Nordic and was personally a part of the set-up for almost three years.

After that, Press Trading was born, which primarily was buying and selling used graphic machines and today we still buy, sell and repair graphic equipment around the world and today we are 5 people.

Press Trading Denmark

We do our best to make it easy for you.

If a machine is on our sales list, it either belongs to us or we are authorized by our customer to sell it.

With so many machines on our hands, we are strong both in terms of assessment, sales, packing and loading, and export of graphic machines of all types and sizes.


If you are unsure whether the sale of your machine is a good idea, we will help you make the decision.

We can give you an indication of the marketability and potential market price – and find a buyer for your machine or we can buy it for stock!

And we will even ensure all dismantling, packing and transportation.

We are extremely versatile.

Due to our expertise in shipping, insuring, dismantling, and setting up, renovating, testing, etc. Press Trading also has partnership agreements with several different graphic machine suppliers.

We go where the market is. It’s not something we can control. We can just keep up, and then of course it is important to have capital to invest for and time to wait.

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